What if Nick Cave turned preacher, moonlighting at Nicasio Church? It wouldn’t be such a stretch to gather the Bad Seeds and play a show across the way at Ranch Nicasio. This idea germinated after my pals at Gamma Rays Comics gifted me the brilliant graphic novel, Nick Cave, Mercy on Me, by artist Richard Kleist. I’m a huge fan of fellow countryman Nick Cave, and his live performances are legendary. Equal parts sermon, rock show and oratorial swagger, Cave’s music, lyrics and storytelling often reference religious themed struggles of good versus evil, loss and redemption. Using portrait photographer Tom Oldham’s amazing photograph for reference, I selfishly reimagined Nick Cave as a preacher serving the tiny community of Nicasio, California— and with any luck, my dream may become a reality.
Concept sketch and early rendering test
Finished iPad art from Adobe Draw

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